Service Organisation

Our service department has undergone a major growth process over the last few years, with many new locations being added throughout the U.K.  This continuing process allows us to operate on a truly national basis, but still retaining the comfort of quality local service support.  Our success has been mainly attributed to the ability to create total service solutions based on partnership arrangements with our clients.


With 27 highly trained technicians at our disposal through out the U.K, we can satisfy all our national and local clients on a day to day basis.


With the ever changing legislation and energy concerns associated with our industry, we ensure our clients receive continual support and advice to ensure that they are both fully informed and compliant with the new regulations and innovations.


As a design, engineering and manufacturing company, Western Air has considerable experience in industrial refrigeration design, construction, installation and service of high quality refrigeration systems. The following describes the varied types of systems designed by:

  • Large central plant installations using multiple rotary screw and reciprocating compressors
  • Direct expansion, gravity, mechanical pump or gas pressure fed systems
  • Single and two-stage compression systems 
  • Critical charge systems 
  • Blast freezing and low temperature storage 
  • Secondary coolants such as water, glycols, brines, etc. 
  • Control systems technology such as computer control with remote monitoring 
  • Energy management
  • Various industries such as fresh and frozen food, bakery, industrial ice, and fishing


We have strategically located our 4 regional offices to cover the main conurbations in the U.K.  All office operate on a 24 hour 365 days a year basis, which ensures we can execute all of our responsibilities professionally and efficiently.



Our maintenance programs are all designed and tailored to ensure minimal downtime and efficient running conditions.  We offer various types of maintenance schemes to suit the needs of our clients, operated and developed over many years.


Our bespoke administrative system links all our offices to the central hub, which ensures efficiency and uniformity across all our regional operations.