Food Processing

Each branch in the food processing industry applies specific conditions for temperature control of their products.  In general, it is particularly about maintaining quality by means of climate control in the production and transport chain.  In addition, the whole sector is bound by strict legal regulations, among other things in the field of hygiene (HACCP), the environment, energy and safety.  In order to enable producers, storage and transhipment companies to guarantee the requested added value and to meet the demands GEA refrigeration realizes customized solutions in the refrigeration industry.


BreadIn the bakery industry old fashioned cooling systems go side by side with the latest techniques for fermentation cupboards and the production of semi manufactured products.  In all these areas the main interest is to create and control the right temperature.

Beverage & Brewery


The beverage and brewery sector places its own demands on refrigeration processes.  Western Air Limited has a wealth of experience in working in the brewery sector.


Every sector places its own demands on refrigeration processes, including confectionary.  Western Air Limited has investigated in depth the specific aspects of each sector.


Dairy ProductsThe dairy industry uses state of the art bulk cooling systems for storage and transport of milk.  Climate control is of the utmost importance in this industry, particularly cheese production.  Refrigeration solutions in this field cannot do without capacity and reliability and Western Air deliver both.



Fresh Fish

In the fishing industry maintaining quality is defined by the capacity that is available to cool and freeze the fish immediately after the catch. This calls for efficient systems such as flat plate chillers, refrigerated hold systems and tunnel freezers, but also for the production of flow/slurry ice and the cooling of sea water.


Western Air has maintained M & J Seafood’s Ltd the largest fish distribution company in the UK for ten years.


In the meat sector people work with large capacities, a wide variety and ultimate care for quality control. Meat is more and more processed, and therefore control of colour, moisture and structure count as well.


Worldwide rules and regulations, such as HACCP strictly enforce temperature and humidity levels.


The assortment of poultry products has been widened considerably by innovation. Processing therefore does no longer only mean freezing entire chickens.  The added value in the processing into for example drumsticks, chicken fingers and chicken nuggets makes heavy demands upon temperature control at the line.